Forbidden Fruits Farm & Vineyard

Located in idyllic Cyril, Oklahoma, we raise grass-fed beef, grapes, asparagus, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in a safe and sustainable manner, following a tradition of five generations.

Grass-fed Beef

Order your grass-fed beef today. Tastes great with local asparagus.

We are taking orders for grass-fed beef -- halves and quarters.

Vineyards are Thriving!

More Vineyards are thriving!

Additional vineyards will be planted in March of 2014. Click here to participate in our Vineyard-planting Festival

Non-GMO Feed

Non-GMO Feed Now Available

We have become a distributor for non-GMO chicken, cattle, and goat feed. Feed your livestock the good stuff.

Order Beef Now!

Herdshare Program

We are excited to announce our Herdshare Program. This is like a CSA for beef, or a Buying Club. We are now delivering our our delicious grass-fed, grass-finished, antiobiotic-free, hormone-free beef to cities around Oklahoma and the Dallas area.

Participating in the Herdshare Program, will get you retail cuts of beef every month at wholesale prices. And YES, you can get the bones from your own animal for making soup!

Vineyards Planted!

Current News

Join us for our Vineyard-Planting Festival and Open Farm Day on March 29, 2014. Vendors are invited. We are looking for both Made-In-Oklahoma vendors and other types of vendors, as well. Contact Alexis with questions: 405-757-7670.

Tickets are now on sale! Up to 30 volunteers are invited to sign up to help plant the vineyard. No heavy lifting is required, but you will spend some time on your knees. Last year's volunteers had a blast! Volunteers will get lunch provided, a Forbidden Fruits Farm t-shirt and will also become members of our Founders' Club. Founders' Club members get in free at all festivals and get 15% off all our products.

At the festival, we will be offering vineyard tours, farm demonstrations, music and dancing, and face-painting for the kids. Plan to make a day of it with your family! Children under 16 get in free!


Volunteers at the Grape-Planting Festival

Recent Events

Almost one hundred volunteers of all ages came out on March 29, 2014 to help us plant grapes. What an amazing and fun day we had at the Grape Planting Festival! Over 750 vines were planted!

Welcome from Alexis

Science Has Almost Caught Up To My Grandparents

Isn't it funny that the more science "discovers," the smarter it turns out our grandparents were? Take beef, for example. Beef is one of the foods that has been most demonized. For many years, a thick steak was the symbol of gluttony and bad health choices. Aren't we beef-eaters getting the last laugh today?

Arranged marriage with a 25-year age difference

I remember my grandmother, who lived to be 94, telling me (in Greek, of course): "Meat doesn't make you fat." Of course, she was talking about old-fashioned grass-fed meat. In reality, she probably never ate beef until she came to America at age 29. To her, "meat" was probably lamb, but the point remains the same. Real food, even red meat, raised the way Nature intended, is good for you. My grandfather, also pictured below, lived to be 95.

Happy into their Golden Years

What we are trying to do here at Forbidden Fruits Farm, is to live into our golden years, happy, in love, and in good health, as my grandparents clearly were, even though they had an arranged (!!!) marriage and a 25-year age gap. With those goals in mind, we raise our beef, grapes, asparagus, and other produce as naturally as possible, so that it arrives at the table as Nature intended, and we feel confident eating it and feeding it to our six children.

Welcome from Tim

Getting Back to the Earth

I have waited a long, long time to get my hands back into the dirt.

Some of my best childhood memories were of being on the farm with my grandparents, Ed and Clara. My grandfather first sent me to town alone, driving, when I was 12 years old. He was in the field, and he needed me to go to town, fill up the fuel tank, and meet him in the field to refill the tractor. Good weather was precious. It couldn't be wasted by the farmer getting gas. Back then, you could mostly trust a 12-year old to do that kind of thing.


I left Oklahoma in 1978 to go to medical school. Before graduating from the University of Oklahoma, I had applied to several medical schools. I just assumed I would go to OU, and if I got lucky, maybe Baylor Medical School. In the meantime, on a lark, I had applied to a medical school in Boston with a pretty good reputation. Well, as luck would have it, they let me in. So, I headed off to Harvard, not knowing it would be 33 years before I got back to Oklahoma.

Odysseus, himself, never faced the kind of obstacles I faced getting back here. My ship was blown way off course.

As much as I learned about the world in my travels (lots of countries, lots of time spent consulting, lots of fancy medical schools) schooling, and businesses, all the meaningful lessons I learned on the farm. I hope you will keep us company, join us for festivals, buy our beef, "Like" us on Facebook, bring your church group for a tour.

We are looking forward to meeting you and to sharing with you the goodness that Nature has to offer.

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Latest News

  • Call now to place an order for a half or a quarter: 405-757-7670.
Grass-fed beef and sustainable farming for five generations
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