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Herdshare Program

We are excited to announce our Herdshare Program. This is like a CSA for beef, or a Buying Club. We are now delivering our our delicious grass-fed, grass-finished, antiobiotic-free, hormone-free beef to cities around Oklahoma and the Dallas area.

Participating in the Herdshare Program, will get you retail cuts of beef every month at wholesale prices. And YES, you can get the bones from your own animal for making soup!

Vineyards Planted!

Current News

Join us for our Vineyard-Planting Festival and Open Farm Day on March 29, 2014. Vendors are invited. We are looking for both Made-In-Oklahoma vendors and other types of vendors, as well. Contact Alexis with questions: 405-757-7670.

Tickets are now on sale! Up to 30 volunteers are invited to sign up to help plant the vineyard. No heavy lifting is required, but you will spend some time on your knees. Last year's volunteers had a blast! Volunteers will get lunch provided, a Forbidden Fruits Farm t-shirt and will also become members of our Founders' Club. Founders' Club members get in free at all festivals and get 15% off all our products.

At the festival, we will be offering vineyard tours, farm demonstrations, music and dancing, and face-painting for the kids. Plan to make a day of it with your family! Children under 16 get in free!


Volunteers at the Grape-Planting Festival

Recent Events

Almost one hundred volunteers of all ages came out on March 29, 2014 to help us plant grapes. What an amazing and fun day we had at the Grape Planting Festival! Over 750 vines were planted!


Why Buy Grass-fed Beef?

"Let Food Be Your Medicine"
-- Hippocrates


Grass-fed beef is delicious, flavorful, and juicy. Our beef is all Black Angus/Belgian Blue cross. Hiram, our hard-working bull, is pure Belgian Blue. Belgian Blue was bred to be a lower-fat beef, with a lower ratio of bones to meat, so more of the beef makes it to the table, making it a more efficient breed. Our cows are all at least half Black Angus.

Health Benefits

Grass-fed beef is better for you.

"Research suggests grass-fed beef is likely to be lower in total fat, contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids useful in reducing the risk of heart disease and have a higher level of C.L.A., conjugated linoleic acid, which, in animal studies, reduces the risk of cancer."
-- New York Times, August 30,2006
"EATING WELL; There's More to Like About Grass-Fed Beef," by Marion Burros

Feed-lot (CAFO) animals have a ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats of ∼14. Grass-fed animals have a ratio ∼2, which is much closer to the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats that you should be eating overall, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Finally, grass-fed, grass-finished beef has twice the CLA of feed-lot beef. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been shown, to prevent cancer (Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2005) and to reduce body fat (Nutrition, 2012).


If you want to continue to have a choice about what you eat, then you have to purchase from the farmers that grow it the way you want it. Locally grown food is the only sustainable model. We raise our beef in a sustainable, humane manner. Come out and see our farm any time. We have an "Open Farm" Policy. Our ultimate "certification authority" is you, the customer.

We treat the land with respect, practicing rotational grazing, which protects the soil from erosion and drought and protects the grasses from being over-grazed. We think of ourselves as grass farmers, first and foremost.

For more information about Grass Farming, visit our favorite magazine, Stockman's Grass Farmer, or the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Price List

Herdshare -- the Easy Way to Buy

We are happy to announce that our Herdshare Program is now in place. With it you get a retail quantity of varied beef cuts from our farm every month, but you pay the wholesale price, and you lock in your beef price for an entire year! Learn More.

Retail Prices

These prices are good for pick-up only. Bring your kids. Farms are exciting places for children. They especially love to watch and mimic the chickens!

To arrange a pick-up, call Alexis at 405-757-7670 in advance.

CutPrice per Lb.Approx. Package SizeDetails of Cut/Package
Ribeye Steak Sold out1.9lbs to 2.6lbs. per package1 1/2" to 2" thick
T-bone Steak Sold out2.25lbs. to 3.15lbs. per package1 1/2" to 2" thick
Sirloin Steak Sold out 1.6lbs. to 2.5lbs.1 1/2" to 2" thick; request smaller or larger steak package
Tenderized Round Steak $7.951.5lbs. to 1.8lbs.2 to a package; Perfect for Chicken Fry!
Chuck Roast Sold out4.45lbs. to 6.05lbs.Perfect for a Family Sunday Dinner!
Arm Roast $7.953.25lbs. to 4.55lbs.Slow cooker heaven; Come home to a dinner all can enjoy!
Brisket Sold out3.35lbs. to 4.8lbs.So many good ways to prepare this favorite!
Rump Roast (bone in) Sold out 3.5lbs. to 3.85lbs.Tender and delicious!
Pike's Peak Roast Sold out3.3lbs. to 4.3lbs.Succulent in the Slow Cooker!
Ground Beef $7.35Approx. 1lb. packagesHamburgers, Tacos, Meatballs, Meatloaf, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Oh, BOY!
Liver Sold outApprox. 1lb. containers
Heart $4.75Approx 3lbs.Lean and flavorful
Stew Meat Sold outApprox. 1lb. packagesConveniently cut and ready to cook!
Soup Bones Sold out1lb. to 2lbs. per packageSoup season is upon us!

Please call ahead to pick-up either from the farm or from a delivery site. Alexis: 405-757-7670.

Wholesale Beef Purchase

We also sell halves and quarters. The half price is $4.65 per pound of hanging weight. The quarter price is $4.95 per pound of hanging weight. In both cases, you pay processing, which is ~$.65 per pound of hanging weight (depending on how you request the beef be processed)

Call Alexis to order your half or quarter of beef. Bones for soup are included for free, if you ask. We can even get you a bag of bulk, non-inspected, bones for your dog, if you ask.

Because of the volatile nature of cattle prices and the fact that we have to replace our mama-cows every so often, beef prices are not locked in until we have a firm butchering date for your calf.




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Latest News

  • Call now to place an order for a half or a quarter: 405-757-7670.
Grass-fed beef and sustainable farming for five generations
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